Welcoming Address

North China University of Technology is a university with an international focus. It provides higher education to enhance professional practice, to serve the fast economic development of China at large and enable students to reach their full personal and career potential.

Through its promotion of learning and pursuit of research and creative practice, the University contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, professional skills and technology, and their intelligent, sustainable and enterprising application for the benefit of humanity. At NCUT, we provide amazing opportunities for students to get their hands, concepts and theories in lab-based classes, around cooperative-education experiences at home and abroad.

This real-world focus is reinforced by professors who worked in


the fields in which they do their lecturing. And we have long partnered with business and industry leaders to ensure our program adapt to new technologies and workforce demands.

This practical approach gives our alumni a competitive edge: 94% are employed or in graduate school on their graduation.

Like the City of Beijing, North China University of Technology is dynamic, cosmopolitan, diverse, vibrant, multicultural and stimulating.

We view as a key strength the social and culture diversity of our students, staff and partners in the professions and the society. This diversity has created a vibrant and rich learning environment that prepares graduates for a borderless workplace.

As you come to know more about the University, it will become very clear that NCUT excels in all sorts of academic and the same level. You will also get a sense of our strong commitment to our local, national and global communities.

I invite you to take a tour around our campus which is exceptionally beautiful, safe, safe-contained and located 30 minutes from Tiananman Square. Approximately 12000 resident students live in nine residence halls within easy walking distance of the library, academic classroom buildings, the bookstore, the students recreation and fitness center.

Warm regards and enjoy your time at NCUT

Prof. Wang Xiaochun, Ph.D.
North China University of Technology


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